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It all started with Ruth Handler spotting the German Bild Lilli Doll in a little shop in beautiful Lucerne Switzerland back in the 1950's. Her history is fascinating, so be sure to read all about her. The link is to the right below her picture.

Barbie dolls did not show up in Europe until 1963. The first French European company to import Barbie Dolls was Les Jouets Rationnels. The second importer was Brio. By the end of 1963 Brio had put Barbie in several Scandinavian countries including where she was a huge success, Sweden. The first two dolls found in Germany were the brunette Swirl Barbie and the Bubblecut Barbie. These early European dolls had the exact same boxes as the dolls from the United States, but there were differences in the dolls themselves from the the U.S. Barbies. Many of the dolls below, have links under their photographs, which will take you to the page where these dolls are featured with additional information.
History of Bild Lilli
German Bendable leg barbie
European side part Bubble Cut
Fun Time Skooter (1976)
Funtime Barbie (1975)
8587 Barbie (1973) Europe
German Busy Francie (1972)
German Francie (1972)
Brio European Booklets
8588 Barbie (1973)
9428 Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper (1976)
#7193 Funtime Skipper (1975)
European Swirl
P.B. Store Doll
MaBa Barbie
Bild Lilli Doll
 European Side-part Bubble Cut
European Swirl
The Twist 'n Turn Barbie from 1967 is called the German Bendable leg Barbie because she came on the American Girl Body (marked with the raise markings "©1958/Mattel, inc./U.S.Patented U.S. Pat. Pend Made In Japan"). She has the same head as the Standard Barbie (no rooted eyelashes), and she had a pinker skin tone body. She came wearing the American Girl swimsuit and was in the same U.S. American Girl Box
  The Swirl and the Bubble Cut Barbies came wearing the fashion Queen swimsuit, and wore the same shoes as the #1 Ponytail Barbie, which were white open toe shoes with holes in the soles.
  Fun Time Skooter with the Skipper head mold, had reddish color hair, and wore a blue two-piece swimsuit
German Francie is a beauty. She had a completely different head mold, and interestingly, it hasn't been used again.
Talking Barbie (1968) spoke German

TNT Christie from 1970 was sold in a Malibu Box.

Todd, Tutti and Chris were only sold exclusively in Europe from 1972-1980
Not pictured
The very first European fan club began in 1965 in Switzerland
Brad & Curtis
Buffy (& Mrs. Beasley) & Carla
Francie (1966-1971)
Francie (1972-1976)
Ken (1961-1967)
Ken (1969-1976)
Miss America
Pretty Pairs (Lori, Nan, Angie)
Skipper (1964-1971)
Skipper (1972-1976)
Truly Scrumptious
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Photos Courtesy of Suzanne
 European Skipper Dolls
More European Skipper Dolls
 European Francie Dolls
Stock #8587 Barbie from Europe. She is marked: ©1965 Mattel Inc. U.S. Patented U.S. Pat. Pend. Made in Japan. Her foot has Japan on it as well.
Photo Courtesy of Suzanne
#8587 (1971-1972)
8587 Barbie (1971-1972)
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